Approximately 40-50% of all women suffer from painful menstruations, and a quarter complains of very strong pain. Professor John Guillebaud, reproductive medicine specialists from the University College London, shows in his research that menstrual pain can be as strong as the pain accompanying a heart attack.

Dr Jen Gunter, a gynecologist, claims that menstrual pains are far more aggravating than a heart attack, which is often non-symptomatic and relatively mild. According to dr Gunter, a more suitable analogy to menstrual pain is trying to cut off one’s finger without anesthesia.

For my project I have asked my female friends about their experiences of menstruation. My photos are the visual interpretation of their answers:

  1. I feel like a chewed up gum. Tasteless. Spat out.
  2. I feel like something is dragging me down
  3. I feel shattered
  4. I feel like a tiny ball of wool trying to melt with the blanket
  5. I feel like I am being torn apart
  6. I feel like a bomb with a delayed ignition
  7. I feel like bloody entrails falling from the bowels
  8. Once a month, for one week, I feel like a half of myself
  9. I feel sick
  10. I feel like I am weakening