„The English have arrived”, “The aunt from Redtown is here”, “Communists in a mountain cabin”, “Crimson tide”, or “The week of the wildberries”. There are dozens of terms to describe female menstruation. A simple physiological process is demonized by the majority of world religions, domesticated by euphemisms, and carefully hidden from children. Women feel ashamed, men feel terrified.

A woman during her period must not touch crops because it wilts. The cloth blackens after the touch of a menstruating woman. Neither preserves nor yeast cake is going to be good if prepared by a menstruating woman. During period a woman cannot jog, play, or go to a swimming pool. The list of superstitions is long.

Despite the fact that the half of human population experiences menstruation, it is still considered mysterious and extraordinary. Photos from “The week of the wildberries” are my personal comment on menstruation, stereotypes associated with it, as well as my personal feelings and experiences.